Gluten Free Menu

This is just to give you an idea of what we serve. Pictures are for illustraton purpose only. For accurate pricing and other details ask your host.

Sashimi & Nigiri

Gluten Free
Tuna Sashimi GF
White Tuna Sashimi GF
Scallop Sashimi GF
Fresh Salmon Sashimi GF
Yellow Tail Sashimi GF
Octopus Sashimi GF
Tuna Nigiri GF
White Tuna Nigiri GF
Scallop Nigiri GF
Fresh Salmon Nigiri GF
Yellow Tail Nigiri GF
Octopus Nigiri GF

Single Rolls

Tuna Roll GF
Salmon Roll GF
Yello Tail Roll GF
Cucumber Roll GF
Avocado Roll GF
Asparagus Roll GF
Sweet Potato Roll GF

Basic Rolls

Tuna Basic Roll GF
Tuna, cucumber, avocado, rice and seaweed.
Salmon Basic Roll GF
Salmon, cucumber, avocado, rice and seaweed.
Veggie Basic Roll GF
Cucumber, avocado, carrot, rice and seaweed.

Sushi Burrito

Super Tuna GF
Tuna, asparagus, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, rice.
Omega-3 GF
Go Green GF
Sweet potato, cucumber, avocado, carrot, lettuce, rice and seaweed.


Sashimi & Nigiri Mix GF 10 PCS
Sashimi & Nigiri GF 16 pcs
Moonlight Sushi GF 16 PCS
Samurais Platter GF 24 PCS
Nigiri 8 pcs,tuna roll ,rainbow

Gluten Free Specials

Rainbow Roll 8 PCS GF
Tuna, salmon, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, rice and seaweed.
Citrus Roll (8 PCS)GF
Salmon, cucumber, avocado, rice and seaweed topped with salmon, lemon slices and green onions.
Hawaiian Roll GF 8 PCS
Salmon, cucumber, rice and seaweed topped with avocado, salmon and green onions.
Baked Salmon Roll GF 8 PCS
Baked salmon, cucumber, avocado, rice and sweaweed.
Steamed Shrimp Roll GF
Steamed shrimp, cucumber, avocado, rice and seaweed.
Chirashi Bowl GF
Poke Bowl GF
Tuna, salmon avocado, cucumber, carrot, seaweed, green onions lettuce and rice
Steamed Salmon Entree GF
Steamed salmon, steamed broccoli, and steamed rice.